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The Be Fearless You Foundation In Memory Of Kimberly Neal,  is a Non-Profit (501c3 Pending), deeply committed to transforming worldwide understanding of mental health through awareness of stigmas and labels associated with mental health diagnosis.   Our goal is to create a society that empowers our neighbors to be Fearless in the support of one another. Fearless in the belief that every story matters, and honoring Kimberly’s wish that every single person have ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE, TRANSPARENT, and INCLUSIVE Mental Health Treatment. 


At Be Fearless You, we believe that mental health does not discriminate. No matter who you are - you should be granted the same access to high-quality, coordinated, and compassionate mental health services. We also believe and acknowledge that the world was not created equally for all people. Depending on how a person identifies, systems work against you, stigma is worse, and access to care is stripped away. We stand with ALL people: of all genders, all socioeconomic backgrounds, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), all sexualities, and all mental and physical abilities in their pursuit of emotional health and well-being.


Inspired by Ibram X. Kendi, we believe that being “not racist” is not enough. We follow an anti-racist approach to our work to ensure that we are truly being accessible, affordable, transparent, and inclusive in the most equitable way possible. To learn more about antiracism, watch or read Ibram X. Kendi’s TED talk. 


We also believe in challenging the status quo of nonprofit practices. We want to ensure that funds are being used efficiently and effectively; therefore, all programs are rooted in health behavior theory and will be evaluated as such. We believe in fostering a positive working environment that values the team as hard-working employees and should be monetarily compensated as such, challenging the notion that those working in nonprofits should be satisfied solely by the positive change brought about in the world. This perspective has also informed our funding and distribution model. We aim to obtain our funds through 50% from corporate charities and sponsorships, 25% from individual fundraising, and 5% from grants and contracts. Funding will be distributed to cover program and overhead (including advertising and salaries) costs. 


For more information about our non profit philosophy and funding model, watch this Ted talk:  

Finally, we believe that all people have beautiful stories and perspectives who make them who they are. We treat each other as people first, employees second. We are more than our job titles. We are our thoughts, our life experiences, our perspectives, our interests, our goals, and our passions. See Jani’s Ted talk on this topic: 

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On July 24, 2020, two complete strangers connected unexpectedly through the similarities in their mission, passion, and purpose around mental health and mental illness. They each had their own personal stories but were drawn together by what mark they wanted to leave in the world. Through storytelling, they realized that there are so many missed opportunities in life for people to connect with others, empower themselves with knowledge and skills, and seek professional help early.


From their own personal experiences and academic and professional backgrounds, they developed a framework to provide comprehensive mental health care to all people by tackling the systems that impede their ability to thrive and eliminating the stigma associated with a person’s mental health experiences and journey. They believe that as long as you are not harming yourself or others, the way you choose to heal - whether it is through clinical, non-clinical, holistic, traditional medicine, homeopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, therapy, journaling, etc. - has merit and value and should be supported. 


At the end of the day, mental health care should be an ACCESSIBLE, TRANSPARENT, and INCLUSIVE experience.


Those three words are at the core of Be Fearless You, as is the idea of combining connection, data, technology, and stories.


We are here for you. We ARE you. We all matter. YOU MATTER. 


- Corilynn and Jani

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