S2S Mental Health Trainings for Businesses

Be Fearless You Foundation founders Corilynn and Jani want to bring mental health resources to your organization. Stories2Stories is the business side of the foundation! S2S is developing a web application that will act as one space for human connection, data and statistics, personal development, professional development, and access to free and low-cost therapy and treatment. To gain EARLY access to this app and learn how you can bring this to your small to medium-sized business, sign up below.


In addition to the app, S2S provides professional development training to small to medium-sized businesses. These trainings are person-centric and combine narratives with data to assist employers in weaving mental health and wellness into the culture of the organization. At this time, S2S is offering 3 virtual course types: 1-course electives, 1 foundational course, and an 8-course curriculum. All courses are rooted in health behavior evidence-based theory. Courses will also be evaluated and population outcomes will be monitored. Summarized anonymous outcomes can be made available to organizations upon request. Signed certificates of completion will be provided for participants to use towards continual education credits. 

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Courses (2 Hours)

  • Data and Analytics around Mental Illness 101

  • Coping Strategies and COVID-19

  • Recognizing Signs and Symptoms 101

  • Destigmatizing Language 101

  • Having Challenging Conversations with a Loved One

  • Coping Strategies for Work and Professional Settings

  • Talking to Parents: I Need Help

  • Talking to Kids: I Hear You

  • Demystifying and Destigmatizing Medication 101

  • Demystifying and Destigmatizing Therapy and Counseling 101



Community: $1500

Institution: $1875

Corporate: $2500

Option One

One-Course Elective

Foundational Course - 3 hours


Intro to the S2S Model of Mental Health| This course introduces the S2S Model and what makes it different than other training models around mental health stigma, mental health and illness awareness, and suicide prevention. Introduction to the type of concepts and activities and emphasis on the power of storytelling supplemented with data and statistics. This course also introduces the concept of stigma free and person-centric language that will used for all courses. This course will provide a foundational understanding of definitions and concepts as they related to mental health.


Community: $2250

Institution: $2815

Corporate: $3750

Option Two

Foundational Course

S2S Mental Health Full Training (16 hours, taught over 2 consecutive days)


8 courses that will supply a basic understanding of the S2S model of mental health awareness and tools (interactive activities and handouts) for organizations. It serves to supply a collective understanding of definitions, terms, concepts, and statistics. Certificates of Completion will be available for each course. After completing all 8 courses - an individual is eligible for a "Train the Trainer" course (Coming 2022).


Community: $12000

Institution: $15000

Corporate: $20000

Option Three

Full S2S Mental Health Training

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