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Starting this July

The Kimberly Neal Family Empowerment Fund is used to assist families in receiving support following the loss of a family member to suicide.


This fund provides access to five grief counseling sessions with a licensed therapist (in-person or telehealth) for group and/or individual sessions. It also includes $1,500 for costs associated with the loss, or support services needed.


Families will also get matched with a BFY advocate who can help identify resources within their community to build long-lasting relationships to create a community of support. 


Counseling Costs - $6,000

Additional Support Funds - $1,500

Three recipients are chosen two times per year.

Families are nominated or can nominate themselves. They must have lost a loved one within the last 12 months and they will go through an interview process. 


See the right for a timeline on applications and notifications for this fund. >>>


Applications Open

  • First Round : January

  • Second Round : July

Applications Close

  • First Round : February

  • Second Round : August


  • First Round : March

  • Second Round : September

Recipient Announcement

  • First Round : April

  • Second Round : October


This could be you! For information on how, email!
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